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Speed is looking for ReactJS Developer to join our young and fast-growing software development department. You will have the opportunity to use the latest technologies and our internally developed frameworks and tools to design, create and maintain web-based software. We specialise in business management solutions that drive digital transformation and boost companies’ business mechanisms. We have some bold and innovative projects underway. Join our team and get hands on.


  • Participate in the architecture and design of software products
  • Development, maintaining and improving existing web-based systems, using internally developed frameworks and technologies
  • Research, integrate and improve internal frameworks and technologies
  • Collaborate openly and closely with team members


  • Programming experience with ReactJS and/or ReactNative
  • Understanding of DOM, unidirectional data flow, state management and immutability
  • HTML, CSS, javaScript
  • Experience with Flux or Redux
  • Development with RESTful APIs
  • Working experience with GIT
  • Fluent in English


  • Back end experience with PHP and/or Python
  • Knowledge of any PHP (Symfony, Laravel) and/or Python (Django) Frameworks
  • Familiar with Bootstrap, Webpack
  • Familiar with TypeScript or Flow
  • ERP systems knowledge


[email protected]

11 Ruski Blvd, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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